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Argonne's Postdoctoral Program offers the opportunity for appointees to perform research in a scientifically and technologically rich environment; present and publish research; contribute to the overall research efforts of the Laboratory; advance knowledge in the areas of basic and applied research; and strengthen our national scientific and technical capabilities. Your academic achievements and demonstrated research capabilities will undoubtedly contribute to the continuing scientific and technological success of the Laboratory. It is our intention that your tenure at Argonne be as productive and rewarding as possible.

Argonne offers three Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs to outstanding doctoral scientists and engineers who are at early points in their promising career. These are:

  • Named Fellowships
    Argonne offers these special postdoctoral fellowships to be awarded internationally on an annual basis to outstanding doctoral scientists and engineers who are at early points in promising careers. The fellowships are named after scientific and technical luminaries who have been associated with the laboratory. Read more »

  • Director's Postdoctoral Fellowships
    Candidates for the Director's Postdoctoral Fellowships are selected based on their research and academic accomplishments, and the strength of their research proposal. They will collaborate with Argonne scientists and engineers on existing programs and on new initiatives. All applicants must identify an Argonne employee (sponsor) who will write the nomination memo and present your case in front of the Postdoctoral Committee. Read more »

  • Division Postdoctoral Appointments
    Division Postdoctoral Associates typically conduct research on existing Argonne 's science and technology programs. Candidates are selected based on their academic background and possible input to the research program as described in their proposal. Read more »

Appointment Duration

Initial appointments are for a period of one year. Initial appointments may be extended in increments of one year or less, to a normal maximum of three years for Division and Named postdoctoral appointments and to a maximum of two years for Director's postdoctoral appointments


All postdocs are eligible for a complete and comprehensive benefits plan, which includes holiday pay, sick leave, vacation, and an extensive range of health benefits (medical and dental coverage, basic life insurance up to $15,000, and dependent life insurance).

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