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Postdoctoral Program Resources:

Mentoring Materials
Argonne National Laboratory enacted a Postdoctoral Mentoring Program to ensure that all postdocs have access to broad and sound advice about their career and personal development. Through the mentor program, our postdocs are linked up with experienced scientists to help them prepare for future career success. Read more.

LinkedIn Group
Connect with your fellow Argonne Postdocs past and current through our LinkedIn Group.

National Postdoctoral Association
Argonne National Lab is a sustaining member of the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA). Check out the National Postdoctoral Association website and see information about free membership. Read more.

Outplacement and Employment
While some postdocs are hired into regular scientific positions at Argonne , most find positions outside the Laboratory. Several useful career and placement links are given here. Read more.

Postdoc Portal
Check out our Postdoc Portal, which has information about special announcements, off-site activities, items for sale, and housing offers. Read more.

Job Opportunities
See a listing of Job Oppurtunities for former Postdocs, provided by our Postdoc Office. Read more.

Training and Development
Argonne encourages postdocs to take advantage of the many classes and workshops offered at the Laboratory. Find information on the various training programs and opportunities for development that the Lab offers. Read more.

Networking Opportunities
Argonne offers postdocs various networking tools such as an informal gathering with the Laboratory Director, social gatherings, scientific presentations by postdocs, and many other networking events. Read more.

Procedures to hire a Division Postdoctoral Appointee
Review the Procedures to hire a Division Postdoctoral Appointee for Argonne National Lab.

Extension Procedures for Postdoctoral Appointments
Review the Procedures for extending Postdoctoral Appointments.

Postdoctoral Initial Discussion and Performance Evaluation
Review and print out Postdoctoral Initial Discussion and Performance Evaluation forms.

Contacts and Resources
View a list of helpful contacts while at Argonne.

Visa Information
See our helpful information about Visas, Visa Classifications, and other important information for Non-U.S. citizens. Read more.

Safety Reminders - Argonne Commitment to Safety Innovation (CSI)
Argonne National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are very concerned about the well-being of all employees. For more safety reminders, view our page about postdoc safety. Read more.

Feedback Form
We are always looking to grow. Give your feedback to us anonymously, so we can help you better.

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