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Laboratory-Graduate Research Appointments

The Program

Laboratory-Graduate Research (Lab-Grad) appointments are available for qualified U.S. university graduate students who wish to carry out their thesis research at Argonne National Laboratory under co-sponsorship of an Argonne staff member and a faculty member. The university sets the academic standards and awards the degree. In practice, participation by the faculty member varies from full partnership in the research to general supervision of the student's thesis work. The Argonne staff sponsor undertakes to keep the faculty sponsor informed about the student's progress, and he/she attends the thesis defense.

Research may be conducted in the basic Physical and Life Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering as well as in a variety of applied research programs relating to Energy, Conservation, Environmental Impact and Technology, Nanomaterials, and Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems.


Lab-Grad appointments are for a one-year term with annual renewals being contingent upon satisfactory performance by the appointee. Appointments usually commence when the student begins full-time thesis research at Argonne after having completed all other academic requirements. In certain cases, students may be awarded support for pre-thesis studies on campus, provided that they intend to carry out their thesis research at Argonne .

Financial Assistance

Support of a Lab-Grad appointee consists of a stipend, a portion of tuition payment, and certain travel expenses. In addition, the student's faculty sponsor may receive payment for limited travel expenses.


An application for a Lab-Grad appointment may be submitted at any time during the year and an appointment may commence at any time. You must be eligible to work in the United States and hence be requested to provide required information upon acceptance to this program. Participants must be enrolled full-time in a Ph.D. program. A completed application should be submitted at least one month prior to any proposed starting date but earlier application submission is advantageous because the availability of Lab-Grad appointments is limited by funding constraints.

Argonne National Laboratory encourages applications for Laboratory-Graduate appointments from all qualified persons, especially women and members of underrepresented minority groups.

Application Materials

To apply for the Laboratory Graduate Program, click on the application link below. Two (2) reference forms are required; please read carefully and make sure all required signatures are obtained. Please do not send transcripts to Argonne electronically.

Graduate Student Programs Application form

Contact Information

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        Laboratory-Graduate Research Appointments
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