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Undergraduate Programs

Argonne National Laboratory provides programs for undergraduate students and faculty. Please click on any box below for more information about that program. For general information, e-mail

Fall Laboratory Undergraduate Programs

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Fall undergrad laboratory internships

Undergraduate Symposium

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Undergrads present research at the 21st Annual Symposium

Community College Student Internships

Community College Students

Paid student internships from community colleges

Spring Laboratory Undergraduate Programs

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Spring undergrad laboratory internships

Cooperative Education

Co-op Education Students

Appointments available to students after completion of two semesters.

Research Aide Appointments

Research Aide Appointment

Appointments providing the Argonne staff with technical assistance.

Summer Laboratory Undergraduate Programs

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Summer undergrad laboratory internships

Visiting Faculty Program

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Teams of faculty and students who undertake research at DOE Labs.

Research Experience in Accelerator Physics

Intern in the REAP program

Internships in the world of particle accelerator physics

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