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Argonne offers these special postdoctoral fellowships to be awarded internationally on an annual basis to outstanding doctoral scientists and engineers who are at early points in promising careers. The fellowships are named after scientific and technical luminaries who have been associated with the laboratory, its predecessors and the University of Chicago since the 1940s, including:

Fellowship recipients will be assigned according to his or her scientific or technical discipline.

2014 Named Fellowships

Candidates for the Argonne National Laboratory Named Fellowships must display superb ability in scientific or engineering research and must show definite promise of becoming outstanding leaders in the research they pursue.

Fellowships are awarded for a two-year term, with possible renewal for a third year. The 2014 Fellowship carries a stipend of $80,000 per annum with an additional allocation of up to $20,000 per year for research support and travel. The Fellows, who will be competitively selected by a special fellowship committee, are given the opportunity to interact with Argonne scientists in a research area of common interest.

The deadline for the 2014 Named Fellowship has now passed. The next annual call for applications will be advertised in Summer 2014. Thank you for your interest in Argonne National Laboratory.

Argonne is an equal opportunity employer.

How to apply

You must read the application instructions before submitting your application:

Applicant Instructions

Sponsor Guidelines

Candidates must upload the following documents by clicking on the application link.

Your application requires the following documents:

  • Research proposal (≤ 2 pages).
  • CV, including list of publications, abstracts and significant presentations.
  • Graduate school transcripts.
  • Cover letter (optional).

If you DO NOT have all of the required documents at this time, you may come back to your application and upload them later.
To come back into your application, click on the application link (not active; deadline has passed).

  1. Enter in your email address for Username.
  2. Enter in your Password.
  3. Click on the ‘Edit Registration' link (located on the bottom of the dialogue box).
  4. Edit/Add any other information to your profile:
    • Upload a document (to upload a document, it must be of ‘.doc' or ‘.pdf' file type; document names cannot contain 'special' characters such as '&,@,#, etc)
  5. Click the ‘Submit Registration' button to Apply.

The following criteria must be met for a document to be accepted as a transcript:

Transcripts must include the name of the school, the student's name, the school's watermark, official seal or symbol and the Registrar's signature.

Copies or faxed copies of official transcripts are acceptable. If degree has been completed, transcripts must reflect degree date. If the school does not provide transcripts, a copy of a diploma or letter from the Graduate School Office stating that you are enrolled or have completed all the requirements for the Ph.D. is acceptable. This letter must be on official school letterhead and signed by a representative from the Graduate School Office.

If the transcripts are not in English, please provide one of the following in addition to the transcripts:

  • Translation of the information contained in the transcript
  • Brief summary of the information contained in the transcripts

The following documents will not be accepted as Graduate School Transcripts: Unofficial grade reports downloaded from the university intranet, Documents missing the student's name or school's name, Documents missing the degree date.

Additionally, the package must contain:

  • Nomination memo (≤ 2 pages) from Argonne sponsor (with copy to Division Director).
  • Three letters of recommendation from other than Argonne staff.
These letters must be sent directly via e-mail to Letters must be in a PDF file from the individual(s) with a signature on official letterhead. In the subject line please include the name of the candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For more information, please see our frequently asked questions .

Recipients of the 2012 Named Fellowship

Edward Barry, Ph.D., Brandeis University
Awarded the Joseph Katz Postdoctoral Fellowship. Dr. Barry will join the Xiao-Min Lin group in CNM.

Sudeep Das, Ph.D., Princeton University
Awarded the David Schramm Postdoctoral Fellowship. Dr. Das will join the team of Katrin Heitmann and Salman Habib in HEP.

Adina Luican-Mayer, Ph.D., Rutgers University
Awarded the Alexei Abrikosov Postdoctoral Fellowship. Dr. Luican-Mayer will join the Nathan Guisinger group in CNM.

Cheng-Chien Chen, Ph.D., Stanford University.
Awarded the Aneesur Rahman Postdoctoral Fellowship. Dr. Chen will join the Michel van Veenendaal group in XSD.


List of Lab-wide Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee Members (internal access only)

Last Update: December 11, 2013

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