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The postdoc experience can be one of the most rewarding times in an academic or research career. The PSA is a volunteer organization of postdocs who work closely with the postdoctoral office and CEP - EDU to support Argonne postdocs in their endeavors. From social support like welcoming new postdocs to the Laboratory, to publishing a survival guide and organizing job fairs and seminars, we are here to help.

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PSA Mission:

The PSA's mission is to enhance the individual postdoctoral educational experience at Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne will benefit from the society since the engagement of individual postdocs will prepare them better for future accomplishments

To read more, please see our mission statement: PSA Mission Statement

PSA Bylaws (internal link)

Welcoming Postdocs:

Find out more about your first day at the lab and how we can help.

List of current members

Postdoc survival guide: A compilation of FAQs, tips, tricks, places to eat, things to do (and not do), in no particular order.

Some other useful links for postdocs: Postdoc portal | Newcomer’s assistance office | National Postdoc Association

Welcome Committee Calendar

Ask A Postdoc:

Several postdocs who have been here “a while” have volunteered to answer your questions. If you would like to volunteer, please click here to join the buddy list. Newcomers, click here to view their profiles and e-mails. Also, check the survival guide for frequently asked questions.

Postdoc Video-Biographies: Listen to Argonne Postdocs talk about Argonne

Communicate With Your Peers: LinkedIn Group Postdoc Portal

The Postdoc Symposium:

Postdoc Symposium Information: Sponsored by the CEP - EDU postdoc office, but we are helping to get the word out and promote the symposium of postdoc research.

Career Fair:

Bring your resumes! The PSA career fair is scheduled for September 21, 2012. Find out more about this exciting event. The PSA also participated in the recruitment of postdocs in a recent career fair at the University of Chicago.

PSA Board:

To view the schedule of PSA Board Meetings, click here. All Argonne postdocs are welcome to attend!

Who we are, when we meet, and how can you help. Find out more and become a member. Just email us and say, “I want to join the PSA, too.”

We want to know what you think! Send any and all questions, comments (good and bad), suggestions, feedback, ideas, thoughts, musings (limited to PSA and postdoc-related matter, please) to Kristene (Tina) Henne. Your opinions are important to us.

For questions, comments about this website, contact Chithra Kumaran Nair.

Contact Us

Near Hit Program:

A Near Hit is an event or unsafe condition that could have caused a serious injury or illness, but instead was identified and fixed before an incident occured. This program is open to all Argonne National Laboratory Postdoctoral Society members.

To read more about the Near Hit program, to find out about the award and past winners, or to learn how to report a potential Near Hit, please follow this link.

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